The SoCO Eats A-Team

Earn more per delivery task when you make it to the A-Team!
A-Team Perks

As an A-Team member, you will receive your own SoCO Eats Black Card to make purchases for the customer at authorized restaurants and merchants for OWYA (Order When You Arrive) tasks.

  • Access to more pickup and delivery tasks!
  • Earn a base rate + mileage for OWYA Tasks!

A-Team Eligibility

A-Team membership is a privilege for top performing delivery drivers. Your eligibility is dependent on your number of successful deliveries, task acceptance rate, cancellation rate, and receipt submission rate.

  • Maintain 10 deliveries or more for the previous 10 day period
  • Maintain a 90% or higher task acceptance rate for the previous 10 day period
  • Maintain a 0% task cancellation rate for the previous 10 day period
  • Submit 100% of all OWYA receipts through the SoCO Eats Delivery Driver app for the previous 10 day period


How it Works

A-Team delivery drivers will see the pending task show as: 

Order When You Arrive: YES

The delivery driver will place and pay for the order on behalf of the customer at the restaurant.

The delivery driver will need to upload an image of the receipt before ending the pickup or delivery task. Your membership is dependent on 100% follow through of this request.

The base rate is subject to change at any time. You can view the current base rate for A-Team members here:

  • Base rate per delivery: $2.00
  • Mileage rate (Pickup to Delivery): $.50/mile.   

A-Team Terms and Conditions

You can view the base rate and mileage calculation in the earnings details of the task after the task is successfully completed.

Your membership can be cancelled at any time for any reason without cause.

Misuse and abuse of the SoCO Eats Black Card will result in suspension from the network during our investigation and may result in collections and/or criminal charges.

By accepting the OWYA delivery tasks using the SoCO Eats Delivery Driver App, you are acknowledging your understanding of these terms.