China Garden - EZ MENU - Canon City, CO

Restaurant Name: China Garden Menu
City: Canon City
RCSS Order Type: Call Restaurant to Order
Actions to Take:

Accept the order in the SoCO Eats Admin Orders Dashboard

Ensure that the task is assigned in the SoCO Eats Delivery Dashboard

Call the restaurant to place the customer's pickup order using the customer's name and number provided on the order

Make note of the order preparation time or pickup time provided by the restaurant

EDIT STOP and adjust the pickup time in the SoCO Eats Delivery Dashboard

Ordering Site:

Call Restaurant to Order

Email Address for login:


Phone Number to call the restaurant:

(719) 276-1888

Password to login if needed:


Phone Number to use on the order:

Use the customer's phone number from the additional information section in the SoCO Eats Order Dashboard

Card to use for payment:

China Garden will use their issued SoCO Eats Black Card, just give them the CVV code after ordering.

Name on Card: SoCO Eats China Garden

Verify CVV 812 with the restaurant to authorize payment