The SoCO Eats Restaurant & Merchant Partnership

The SoCO Eats Restaurant & Merchant Partnership

  • List your menu on our mobile app
  • Set your own online prices
  • Quick setup with the Complete Starter Pack (optional)
  • Easy to use merchant dashboard
  • Accept or Deny pending orders
  • Automatic order dispatch to our delivery drivers
  • Accept only payments with direct deposit 
  • Access to our tech support via chat
  • Sponsorship opportunities in our app
  • Delivery Driver expectations - Background checks, food delivery bags, mask etc.
  • Access to a your own brand page and menu
  • Track revenue, reviews, and more
  • Create promo codes and discounts for your customers to use on your online menu
  • Reservations via online booking
  • Contactless delivery for food orders
  • Curbside pick up


To name a few...

  • Quick setup allows you to start accepting online orders in hours
  • Simple merchant dashboard for order processing
  • Direct deposit to your account - No Cash
  • Efficient customer and order management
  • Monitor your mobile order revenue in real time
  • Brand exposure with free & sponsored marketing when you list your menu on our platform
  • Better customer data and reporting
  • The convenience of mobile ordering for you and your customers
  • The consistency of a specialized food delivery team
  • Stay ahead of the competition and industry change
  • Supports local economic growth
  • Increase your revenue by 10% to 20%
  • Our tech team is always here to help your business
  • Engage customers with promotions, reservations, and more


How do I become a SoCO Eats Restaurant or Merchant Partner?


It’s as Easy as 1,2,3! Just click on Get Started below to create a free account and follow the registration instructions. Don’t worry we will walk you through it!


Step 1


Click on Get Started below and create a free account with an email address and password. 


Step 2


Login to your new account and follow the on screen instructions to submit your account to us for verification. 


Step 3


After you've shared the required information with us and have been verified, you'll need to:


- Configure your Restaurant or Merchant Settings

- Review the SoCO Eats Restaurant & Merchant Partner Agreement

- Upload your menu items and set your own prices

- Add your referral code (if you have one)

- Set up your direct deposit payout information


That’s It!


After completing Steps 1, 2, and 3, you will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the SoCO Eats Platform as Restaurant or Merchant Partner. As soon as you see the confirmation email welcoming you to the SoCO Eats Platform as a Restaurant or Merchant Partner you can go online and start accepting online orders! If you're ever unsure of where you are in the registration process, feel free to contact us through the SoCO Eats Help Center. 


Get Started